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50% Home Buyer commission rebate, 1% listing commission

Below are some of our most recent customer savings.

OUr Rebate is subject to your lenders approval, and there may be restrictions with VA or FHA loans. Your rebate cannot be used as part of your down payment or to meet the capital reserve requirements of your loan program.
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Welcome to the birth place of discount real estate in Colorado - HQHomes. We have been offering full service real estate services for 15 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers whose savings total over 1 million dollars.

"Treat the customer right - give them a GREAT deal and they will refer their friends and family"  Founder Tony English

Pretty simple isn't it? But still most corporate real estate companies we deal with everyday still don't get it.  We at HQHomes have a different philosophy - You are more than just another customer to us - you are a life long client, a friend and our best salesperson.

We reward our home buying clients with 1/2 of our commission. Simply buy a home and we give you 1/2 of the commission we earn.

We only charge a 1% listing fee to sell your home, while providing our customers more marketing and better service than other companies that charge 7%.

Almost everyone we talk to asks "What is the CATCH?!?"

The catch is, if you buy a home without HQHomes as your real estate company, you are losing THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

Our Home buyer Rebate Program is the best you will find in the Denver or Boulder real estate markets. HQHomes Realty makes the home buying process simple, fun and profitable. If you are like many of today's savvy home buyers, you are more comfortable doing the initial legwork and research. Perhaps you only want to engage a real estate pro when you are ready and on your terms. If this is you, then you are our ideal client!

"Almost everyone we talk to ask us "how we can offer our service for so low while other people are paying commissions up to 7 times what  we charge", the answer is very simple - VOLUME.  We decided that we would rather help out more customers which equates to a  bigger customer base who refer us more business and lowers our cost of doing business. This allows us to pass the savings onto our clients. We continue to lead the Denver real estate market in the highest productivity and highest customer satisfaction ranking, our clients are so impressed with us - that on average refer 3 new clients to us! That's treating your customers right!

Lately we have processed an extraordinary amount of Short Sale transactions. If you owe more than your home is worth  - your lender might allow you to sell your home for much less than you owe and you could walk away owing nothing - NO fees or commissions - NO repayment of debt - NO foreclosure. President Bush passed the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, which amends the Internal Revenue Code to exclude from gross income amounts attributable to a discharge, prior to January 1, 2010, of indebtedness incurred to acquire a principal residence.

Basically your lender and the federal government are encouraging you to sell your home instead of it being foreclosed on. There are a lot of benefits for the homeowner like: Less of a negative credit impact, no repayment or taxing of the (short sale), you can sell your home and owe nothing even if the sales price is lower than the amount owed.

Your lender will also give you the option of a Loan Modification. A Loan Modification will modify the terms of the loan to hopefully make the loan more affordable. Please see our Foreclosure section for full information.

Buying and selling your Real Estate is one of the biggest investments most people make in their lifetime. It's important to become informed about the real estate market you are interested in investing in.  Whether you are buying, selling, investing or relocating, HQHomes has knowledgeable and skilled agents available to assist you in every aspect of your Denver, Boulder or surrounding area property search. 

Buying a Denver home is a very personal venture but it doesn't have to be intense. Looking for a home can be a fun and exciting occasion. It is a time of discovery and a time when people begin building their dream home in the wilds of their imagination. Selling a Denver home can be just as advantageous. In a seller's market, sellers sometimes have the benefit of multiple offers above list price! Exceptional guidance is the key to providing people with a gratifying experience.


Our Denver and Boulder discount real estate website offers extensive information, tools, and expert advice to help you make knowledgeable decisions in all your Denver real estate dealings. Learn about first time home buying, investment properties, how to make an offer, types of loans, mortgage rates, relocation assistance, preparing your home for sale, pricing your home properly, area schools, and additional buyer/seller tips.

Our legal disclaimer - We reserve the right to change the home buyer’s rebate program and home sellers program at any time for any reason without notice.